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Construction & Production Career Salaries

All the jobs and salaries listed here may have changed in value since original publishing date. This content is an effective archive of what was displayed at that time. For an up to date measure by state and county, please visit this US Salaries site for more detail.

Construction & Production Career Salaries, Construction & Production Job Salaries

Today, the term “construction production” is frequently used, which involves encouraging awareness and understanding of the construction project but also production. With construction production, the goal is to focus on the entire process so wasted production could be eliminated. To accomplish this, design and production must be analyzed simultaneously. Even with a reduction in labor and possibly capital resources, construction production methods would ultimately save time and allow the project to be completed within budget.

Typically, construction production careers are at manager to executive level, with primary areas of responsibility including time-based competition, valued-based management, ongoing improvement, reengineering along with concurrent engineering, and direct transfer of manufacturing knowledge to the construction industry. Managers and executives must determine and then implement the best mass and custom production methods for the project being worked.

Although duties and salaries would be unique according to construction production careers, basic responsibilities would remain much the same. Responsibilities would include planning, directing, and coordinating all production activities needing to be completed so output and quality would meet or exceed expectations. In exchange for heavy challenges that managers and executives working different construction production careers face, these positions all provide great rewards to include job stability and great earning potential.

While there are many different types of construction production careers, we provided salary information for some of the more popular construction production careers so people can see the direction these jobs go. Below are a few positions along with current median income for each. Salary does vary based on factors such as education, training, experience, geographic location, and employer.

  • Business Development Manager - $41,000 to $142,000
  • Sr. Project Manager - $85,000 to $115,000
  • Vice President of Risk Management - $85,000 to $150,000
  • Construction Manager - $46,000 to $121,000
  • Principal Structural Engineer - $62,000 to $100,000

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